It was brilliant to enjoy the business essentials brunch with you at this month’s Mothers Den brunch session on October 27.

The video below was sent out in advance of my cameo on the panel talking all things planning in business, why yours may not be working for you, plus why bother setting long term, medium term and short terms goals, and how to overcome analysis paralysis and focus on what really matters at the right time for maximum impact.

This video was a bit of a primer for our chat, created by Shirlaws, who are one of my delivery partners at The Grow Project.

I’ve popped the supplementary info and tips below the video on this page. I’m also still taking questions on my Facebook page, if you’d like me to cover something specific.

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Supplementary resources discussed in presentation on about planning and business essentials at The Mothers Den Brunch on Thursday 27 October 2016 by Rebecca Newman

  1. Bottom up versus top down – further reading about top down versus bottom up choices and strategies in building a business.
  2. Fuel – further information on business fuel.
  3. Presentation slides – slide share presentation of my slides (still to be uploaded – I’ll post on my social media pages once they’re live).
  4. How I schedule article.
  5. Top tips for getting your plans into life.
  6. Ten goal method.