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Keynote Speaking

Building Designers Institute Annual Conference

Day 1
Top down growth
How to attract better clients, great projects and fatter profits using a ‘top down’ business strategy

Day 2
Next-generation ‘integrated’ business leadership

So you’ve got fatter profits, but have you also gotten fatter in the process? Is having the nuts and bolts enough if you don’t have the health?

University of Sydney Business School

‘How to be an influential communicator that achieves results?’

Mothers Den
KPI Retreat

Training & Facilitation

Mini Workshops
  1. Chiropractic Central – Sarah and Olivia 
  2. Mothers Den Masterclass – Uldouz – Mastering time in leading roles 
  3. BoB Group – Adelaide Brand DNA 
  4. Sam Crawford Architects – Falling in love with sales 
Master of Ceremonies

Michael Langdon – Book launch

  1. MBA Women in Construction – Keynote and Host
  2. Building Designers Institute


The Interplay between Self-Awareness and Our Success; with Rebecca Newman (6 Star Business)


14 Day Business Fuel Challenge

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