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Rebecca Newman

Mother. Entrepreneur. Author. Biohacker.

Hi there, I'm Bec!

Hi there, I'm Bec!

CEO and Founder of The Grow Project & Director and Co-Founder of Newmark Group

Rebecca is a portfolio entrepreneur. She has two businesses, three babies, and only works 100 days each year. The mother to three young girls, and a biohacker putting an autoimmune condition into remission, Rebecca believes amazing things happen at the intersection of business and motherhood.

Contrary to social norms and common thought patterns, she believes the prospect of a baby on the horizon presents the single greatest opportunity for incredible growth in your business, as well as phenomenal growth in the rest of your life. 

Rebecca challenges the prospect of not being able to have it all, on the premise that ‘all’ simply requires the act of honestly and consciously defining what all actually is, putting in place an action plan with accountability, and creating your all. Being crystal clear on the outcome, the resources and stakeholders needed to achieve the outcome, and mapping out the roadmap is one of Rebecca’s keys to success (and one of her rock star skills!). It is a simple foundational piece she has lived and breathed both professionally and personally across various industries, disciplines, business ventures, projects, and lifestyle choices, which she has executed over the last 15 years.

She is valued by her colleagues as a natural coach, thrives on seeing others performing at their peak, and is brilliant at facilitating discussions; asking the pertinent questions and working together to connect the dots and create ‘ah ha’ light bulb moments in a lovingly smart way.

Rebecca's Story

When I was a little girl and my parents said I could do anything, I decided I wanted to be the first female CEO of the Formula One. There are so many interesting elements. It is high performance and high risk, where millimetres and milliseconds make a difference, and anything short of excellence leaves you totally silenced.

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Business. Birth. Baby - The Book

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