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Work smarter, not harder. Utilise existing wisdom. Evolve human potential.

We built The Grow Project to educate the next generation of business leaders in three ways. Firstly, to show them how to work smarter, not harder. Secondly, to utilise existing wisdom in a modern, bespoke, way. Thirdly, to evolve human potential, through building private enterprises which achieve more than they ever knew was possible through high performance principles, and especially in a time of transition.

At The Grow Project, we believe high performance environments are only possible when the smarts, mindset and fuel in any given area are integrated, and executed with purpose and in context. We believe exponential growth can happen at the intersection of business and motherhood. We achieve this growth by integrating the smarts, mindset and fuel in the areas of business, health and lifestyle, for women who want to know how to grow businesses and babies at the same time.

Creating the next generation of high performance individuals and enterprises is in our DNA, and the DNA of the team of experts we’ve bought together to create a program which looks at the performance of the business and the business leaders from nine to five, and five to nine (and anything in between).

From first-hand experience, we know it is possible to love your baby and your business, and that you can actually grow your business while on maternity leave. We also know that to truly enable this potential, you need a team not dissimilar to a high performance sporting team. You need a big vision grounded in authenticity and integrity, a bespoke strategy built on tested principles, a team of specialists who implement and deliver, exposure to role models and game changers, and a coach to tie it together, keep an eye on your blind spots, and ensure the leaders have the confidence and energy to maintain the momentum to succeed.

At The Grow Project we create exponential growth, in business, health, and lifestyle. This isn’t a convenient, silver bullet, quick fix. This is a sustainable and rewarding solution. It is about returning to enjoying your business life, and getting your personal life back. It is about doing it smarter, not harder. It is about having a road map, and enjoying the ride. It is about far reaching growth – personal and professional.

Founder of The Grow Project, Rebecca Newman, got tired of hearing business women being told myths that you can’t successfully grow businesses and babies at the same time. She knew there was at least one way, because she was doing it. She could see business women facing three key challenges.

Firstly, they lack the insight, strategy, and resources to see how having a baby will fit in, and actually enhance their business and their life. Secondly, they can’t step out of their business for a holiday, let alone to have a baby. Thirdly, when the time comes to became pregnant, their health isn’t up to scratch, and they have difficulty getting pregnant, during pregnancy, and at delivery.

Without insight, being able to step out of their business, and a healthy body, these three problems leave women feeling overwhelmed, and pushing motherhood into the horizon, often compounding their problems and stagnating growth.

Rebecca has documented her own experiences, and drawn together an enviable team of experts to demonstrate how the smartest women in Australia can be enabled to achieve high performance and evolve human potential, by building foundations and educating women on how to successfully integrate business, health and lifestyle in a bespoke way.

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The Grow Project

The Grow Project

At The Grow Project, we believe high performance is only possible when the smarts, mindset and fuel are integrated, in business, health, and lifestyle.

7 months ago

The Grow Project
Spring soups for the win • There is something a little magical about soup 🍲. Sydney is getting a massive dose of spring rains, and I guess considering so many of us need to head to bed and recover, maybe nature is calling us to remember growth from a recharged base sustains wayyyyyy better than building from depletion. It also feels so much more enjoyable. For now, I’m going strong 💪 on the soup game. #fuel #spring #soup #recover #recharge #renew #nutrition #grow #thegrowproject ... See MoreSee Less
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