Spring Clean x The Grow Lab

Ready to make space to grow, even a little?

We decided to give the Grow Project a spring clean, and thought maybe you’d like to join us.

Feeling like you need a little extra space to freshen things up in your business, health or life? Keen to have a sticky at how we do it and what we are getting ready for?

Check out my live stream video (from our 2020 spring clean), where I’m contemplating a spring clean to rest, recover, renew and reset after the crazy few months we’ve had.

Let’s do it, together.


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Want a peek inside one of our spring cleans?

Pop on this video and listen in.

Growing from strength rather than depletion.

When your stores have been depleted you can feel exhausted and fearful, so it’s important to build from a place of strength.

To build strength we need to do the following so that we can grow from a clear place rather than a depleted one:

  1. REST
  3. RENEW
  4. RESET

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