This blog entry is an odd one to pen; I’m currently tying up some loose ends as my contract with The Grow Project is coming to an end and I’ve been tasked with writing one last post.

Do you ever Google definitions? Of course you do, you probably read my blog post on my love of Google (here, if you’re the one in a million who missed it…) I told CEO of The Grow Project Rebecca Newman once that she has a sparkle – it’s how I can tell whether all is aligned in her world. I said it without thinking about what it meant, precisely, it just seemed to fit. Google does tell me a few definitions – shine brightly with flashes of light, be vivacious and witty. Both seem appropriate.

When things – whether in life or business – are a bit off kilter, Bec’s sparkle is a little dustier, it doesn’t sound great but she appears dull (like the lustre of a diamond, not in smarts!) What is interesting is that she wasn’t aware of it. Obviously, internally she knows better than anyone – but outwardly, it’s not just a look or a conversation that gives it away. Her whole being loses some of its sparkle. On the flip side, when life is ticking the boxes you see it return. She is energetic, enthusiastic and ON.

It is easy to feel alone, with so many forms of communication available to us that don’t require a face-to-face conversation, not to mention the rise of companies allowing their teams to work from anywhere it can sometimes feel as though no one ever sees your genuine self.

Well I am here to tell you that we notice. If you employ staff who work from home, or from co-working spaces, try to get to know them – really know them. So you can see the signs of when life is kicking them a little too hard, or when they’re late to a Skype meeting because they’re gleefully swinging from the chandeliers (or equivalent).

If you are that employee, I hope you can take comfort in the knowledge that there are people in the world who are watching out for your sparkle.

Until we meet again.