So what does the future hold?

Why is 2031 a significant year?

I am fortunate at The Grow Project to be surrounded by some of the smartest minds on the globe, including Darren Shirlaw and Linzi Boyd. I get to bring their insights, strategies, and systems in to The Grow Project’s programs.

One of the rockstar skills these two share is about the future, Darren looking at the big scale trends in industry from an economic point of view, and Linzi in the business trends side looking at what is shifting in market and consumer trends. They are quite the duo.

Here’s a video snippet of what the prospect of 2031 holds.

We will be hosting Darren and Linzi in Australia in April 2018, talking 2031 at three small morning events. Come and soak up their insights. Grab a ticket using the city links below. Hope to see you there.