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Linzi Boyd

Linzi Boyd

International speaker, author and global partner of BoB Group

By age 24 she had set up and sold two businesses – her second company, which had seven global distribution channels, was sold to Caterpillar. Her third business, Surgery, became renowned for influencing an industry championing some of the countries most well-respected high-street consumer brands known today.

Linzi ‘s No1 best seller: “Brand Famous – How To Get Everyone Talking About Your Business” was awarded ‘Book of the Month’ by the CIM in July 2014 and 2015 Winner – Marketing Category” by Small Business Trends in the US.

Today, a Global partner in BoB Group she now works in the SME space taking business owners on a journey to Grow, Fund and Exit their business. Here, she created BOB’s school connected to Bob’s Greenhouse (a mini fund) to teach early stage growth businesses how to build a famous brand and get them ready for funding.