It’s always the small things

You know it is true. You imagine there are BIG silver bullets that will make things better, but your rational experience tells you it’s the little things that matter. Declutter your house. Organise your drawers. Chuck stuff out. Make room for new. Make your filing... read more

The danger of ‘whatever it takes’

Be worth it… don’t think ‘whatever it takes’ but rather ‘I’ll work until X, and then I’ll call it’ Value yourself, your whole self, enough to not let everything go by the wayside while you’re in the pursuit of perfection. Ship, then refine with feedback. VERY... read more

Keep your eye on the ball

I was throwing a random Michael Clarke Spartan bounce ball up in the air a few minutes ago. And it got me thinking. My daughter asked me to juggle the balls when we were at the North Sydney Lifestyle Festival on the weekend and I did my best one handed two ball... read more

Be a day dreamer

I caught sight of a word on a t-shirt today and it was daydreamer. I’ve not thought about this word until now… And I realise when you’re living your dreams you are a day dreamer. Your dreams aren’t reserved for night time – you’re... read more

Turn up the music!

OMG I’ve rediscovered a POWER HOUSE tool. And it’s the simplest yet. Just turn on the music. Do you remember when you studied when you were younger and you insisted on wanting to listen to music? Perhaps your parents told you it was distracting, but I’m here to tell... read more