So I’m in the midst of a flip out.

It’s horrible. It’s all consuming. But more than anything, it is down right EXHAUSTING.

The answer seems so far away, the actual root cause of the problem is troublesome.

But the strategy here must be my proven one – back to basics. Stop. Think. Re-instate what works. And get the underlying calm back.

You see, I’ve had a few challenges to a few philosophies in my health lately, and I’m trying to decide how these land.

I endeavour not to do it by myself.

For me, my lifestyle recipe involves a moving my body, growing my mind, contributing to the growth of every human on the planet, and lots of play time between. And when the ingredients get a little low on the growing my mind side, and when pressure looms with deadlines, a few pieces of my infrastructure, or foundations which underpin the success, are put under stress test.

You see, I tend not to work for the bulk of May and June. You see, a big part of my infrastructure is the support I have in place for my little babies when I’ve got my work hat on. Personally, I don’t perform well when I’m being mum and business woman in the same sentence – it totally takes me at least 20 times longer to do a task (which I hate on a productivity angle), and drains my energy that I’m trying to get a simple fifteen minute task done, and its taken me three hours and I’m not happy with the outcome or the path to get here. In May and June, for the past four years, my amazing parents in law have gone away for their annual jaunt to Europe. Over those four years I’ve tried four different strategies, and the one I tried last year was by far the most successful – do absolutely nothing related to work or new things during this time, and just focus on play play play. Focus on keeping as many of the infrastructure pieces as possible in place, especially around moving my body, and eating well.

This year I didn’t feel that I could do that – take a total break, because I’ve got a few partnerships brewing, and I wanted to keep the energy of these progressing. So I was able to organise it to have one full day a week, but the trouble was that one day was so full of meetings that by the time I got to the end of the day I was so excited but also wondering how on earth am I going to magically find time to implement.

Then I thought, it’ll be ok, I’ll implement when my infrastructure is in place again… but when that time arrived, I was totally overwhelmed. So I realised quickly that to get over my overwhelm I needed to take a step back, map out all the things I was hoping to wave a magic wand over, put my basic infrastructure back in place, then move forward, rather than trying to move forward from a compromised position…and one of total stress.

I needed to return to my recipe

But it was recipe which was being challenged as to whether it should remain or evolve, as all good recipes do when the seasons change a little, or a new enhancement reveals itself.

I went upstream… I went back to my health foundations. It was those that were causing me the actual trouble. You see, my health foundations are partly what led me down me to The Grow Project, that and putting food in my baby’s mouth for the first time.