One of the things I’m blown away by in motherhood is the rate of learning, observation and opportunity to make change. It’s so fast. Maybe this is one of the reasons I am so impressed by it!

Yesterday I was so exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open while having some quiet play time before dinner with the girls.

As a result, the three of us made a quick, early, dinner – egg pizza (adults might call this is a thin frittata or bubble and squeak!) – and headed off to bed. I read for a while. A long while. It was a wonderful book and I was gliding through the pages. After hours of reading, and feeling a million times better, I decide to finish off with a few stretches and a headstand, then close my eyes and rejuvenate. By this time it was quite late, but something felt quite good about all this. While I was stretching, I had a few light globe moments about some new programs I’ve been working on at The Grow Project, and this felt amazing.

As I’ve woken rested this morning, I’ve realised that I was exhausted from not creating. While creating can be exhausting in itself, especially when you’re thinking over new things. By reading, and letting my mind relax, my ideas formed in a much more natural and useful way, that just made sense. Of course, I never know when I’m going to get them into action, so I’ve jotted my thinking down into Evernote, and I’ll pick it up and schedule its development later today.

I actually haven’t had as many hours sleep as I set out to at the start of last night, but I feel amazingly better than usual, and I feel it is because I had the time to engage my intellectual mind and relax my organising mind. It probably also helped that I was reading about how energy moves in the body, and there’s nothing like that kind of content to fuel me up!!!