Lorraine Murphy started Australia’s first influencer agency – The Remarkables. In speaking at the recent Mothers Den Brunch Session, she shared her greatest keys to success after four years of rapidly growing her multi-award winning business. I liked the simplicity of her top tips, knowing that mastering simple elements is in itself a stellar victory.

She also shared a few specifics on influencers, sales people, and reinvesting profits.
Lorraine Murphy of The Remarkables Group talking Remarkability on Rebecca Newman (@_rebeccanewman_) • Instagram photos and videos

Top five keys to success

  1. Get organised – it puts you in the drivers seat, and allows you to make proactive rather than creative choices. Lorraine plans every thing – from meals to movement, and daily to do lists.
  2. Courage is not the absence of fear – say yes, and be courageous.
  3. Build your profile as an expert – write your dream bio and then live it, and make sure you include awards (enter them – you’ve a better chance than you think).
  4. Welcome challenges – by doing this you’re welcoming accelerated learning.
  5. Get into practising gratitude – all day. For Lorraine this is truckloads of thank you cards (her key to creating miracles), and listing off five things she is thankful for before bed.


On influencers, she notes that influencers want personal connections, so be sure to do your research. Her top three tips for those in startup or early stage growth phases of their business and looking to work with or leverage influencers were:
  1. connect with them on social media first, and engage with them.
  2. share with them without expectations.
  3. influencers do leave space for entrepreneurial mums and things they love, despite focusing mainly on their mortgage.
If you’re looking to be an influencer, she notes there are a few things she looks for in an influencer’s blog and profile.
  1. Reach.
  2. Integrity and authenticity (both on and off line).
  3. How they engage with their audiences.
And if you’re after the fast track to becoming an influencer:
  1. Collaborate with other influencers.
  2. Get out there, and be consistent – create a rhythm with your audience.

Sales and sales people

On sales, she states everyone thinks they need a sales person because sales is so important. From her experience the greatest sources of her sales have been

  1. 63% long term relationships
  2. 28% profile and being called by the client
  3. 3% cold calling.
Her experience with hiring someone to do sales was that she was better off hiring someone to run the business and not to sell, so she could nurture relationships. She also never discounts, but will add value to a proposal.

Reinvesting profits

Uldouz Van Eenoo, creator of the Mothers Den, asked Lorraine how she approached reinvesting profits. Lorraine said this had certainly been an area she had lots of failures and low returns on investments, like hosting parties. Overall, giving forward she said she invests in people, you know in your gut when they’re right, and recommends not sitting on decisions to let people go as they are incredibly expensive decisions.

It takes a village

There were just so many things I loved about listening to and engaging with Lorraine. Perhaps the pivotal point she lives by is that it takes a village to run a business. She has the best of coaches and advisors throughout her life, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.
Lorraine Murphy's book Remarkability on Rebecca Newman (@_rebeccanewman_) • Instagram photos and videos

Remarkability – the book

Lorraine’s book – Remarkability – is a wonderfully easy and encouraging read, focused on the ins and outs of how Lorraine runs her business and her life, and her journey to building The Remarkables Group. It’s a fabulous reminder of all the little things which make a high performing person like Lorraine tick, which have the cumulative success effect. It’s also a reminder that as a business owner, there isn’t a magic silver bullet – there are layers upon layers to be created and uncovered, and each plays an important part. I absolutely devoured this book in a weekend.



The Mothers Den Brunch Sessions

You’ll catch details on The Mothers Den Brunch Sessions on their website. I will be speaking at their October ‘Business Essentials’ Brunch Session, talking about the value of both tactical and strategic planning, and how structure enables flexibility. Hope you can join me


Lorraine Murphy was live at

Mothers Den September Brunch Session, Thursday 22 September 2016 from 10am to 12pm, at The Greens, North Sydney NSW.