Genevieve Matthews

Genevieve and her team specialise in bringing out the best in people! Performance, Productivity and Culture. Whether one-to-one basis or in a group environment, Genevieve’s passion is seeing people become the best they can be. This crosses from personal coaching delving into confidence, relationships and work/life management, into the business coaching and performance delivery across many industries including tourism, mining, project management, design, fitness, childcare, beauty, travel, IT, startup’s, recruitment and sports.

Creator of The Art of Extraordinary Games Collection, Genevieve and the team provide facilitation and change work through playing games. Genevieve says, “how we play games is actually how we are in life, it’s like our default, and most of us actually have no awareness of it yet. By shining the light on it in a fun and interesting way, we facilitate immediate awareness and transformation. Be that more ownership, clarity, discipline, the changes are phenomenal.”

Renowned for her passion, her down to earth articulation and creativity, she will help you help others, she teaches you to teach others to be better, to be more and to be different. To stand out, to be extraordinary.

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