1. Corporates get all the people in the one room that they need. What they don’t do well, is let meetings go for too long, let people grandstand, don’t have a facilitator run the session.

2. Corporates provide an opportunity for professional and personal development in theory – they believe it can help, but they don’t have programs to execute it well. Small business doesn’t understand its power, and doesn’t do it.

3. They makes workplace environments which enable engagement, interaction, and overall high performance. They also have the facilities to stop time being wasted on really low value, regular, activities, like needing a room for a meeting or a workshop. Small business makes it up every time.

4. They train their leaders to accelerate their growth, before they need it and before they can use it.

5. They have a strategy. it makes them accountable, and they have to deliver to it because there are stakeholders who hold them to it. they don’t necessarily communicate it well, but they have it, and it does guide them. If they communicated it well, and had greater engagement, they could probably achieve greater traction, change and growth much quicker.

6. They produce great ideas by having multidisciplinary teams, where ideas can be explored and arise because of the combination of the experience of the people in the room.