Tim Dwyer

Tim Dwyer is a Global Partner and Director of Shirlaws Group Ltd.

Tim’s current mandate is to grow Shirlaws Group business lines, including Assay Advisory through Australasia.

Tim enjoys working with CEOs and business leaders helping them: align their businesses behind a common vision; build solid foundations for profitable growth; enjoy a more balanced lifestyle and higher equity returns on sell down and exit.

By leveraging Shirlaws IP, Tim has grown his own business to a multimillion dollar enterprise and he understands the value of building solid business foundations.

Tim joined Shirlaws in 2002 as a Strategy and Revenue coach in 2003 and has a successful track record working with over 50 companies, helping them to grow and succeed.

From 2011-2015 Tim was CEO of Shirlaws Australia. Prior to joining Shirlaws Tim was Head of Strategy for SME Sales at Telstra.

About Tim:
– Known for his leadership and his ability to connect to the bigger vision

– Runs strategic retreats for leadership teams

– Keynote speaker for entrepreneurial groups and CEO Groups

– Provides one on one coaching for CEOs and founders of industry

– Leaves businesses being confident and empowered to enjoy their business journey

– Supports his community by giving back to Not for Profit organisations to help them commercialise their organisations for sustainable outcomes.

Tim’s current positions include: Group Partner and Director of Shirlaws Group Limited; Director, Shirlaws Australia; Director QMI Solutions.

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