Tim Dwyer


Tim’s purpose aligns beautifully with his role as Global Partner BoB (Business of Brand). BoB is changing the way modern business operates, helping build brands, grow businesses and impact industries to shift into a new era.  

Tim’s specialties are product innovation, leading with brand-led go to market strategies and offering creative insights to problem solve and create growth opportunities for his clients.  Tim brings business frameworks to life, breaking down the complexities by sharing experiences, and is well known for connecting businesses to their vision and purpose.

To create sustainable change, Tim believes in the need to continually shift mindsets and create space for positive action and growth. Tim has developed a skillset to guide industry and business on how to grow individually and collectively.

About Tim:
– Known for his leadership and his ability to connect to the bigger vision

– Runs strategic retreats for leadership teams

– Keynote speaker for entrepreneurial groups and CEO Groups

– Provides one on one coaching for CEOs and founders of industry

– Leaves businesses being confident and empowered to enjoy their business journey

– Supports his community by giving back to Not for Profit organisations to help them commercialise their organisations for sustainable outcomes.

Discover more about BoB at https://bobearth.com/

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