One of the best things about being in book writing mode is that content and my keen sense of inquiry just flow out of me.

Today I was writing about sleep, and how it is the number one key to everything working.

And I thought, I bet some of the idols of business have written about sleep.

And that is exactly what I found.

First I googled Branson and found this article and this article.

Then I googled Arianna Huffington, recalling she had written an entire book on the subject, and as a result I found her Ted talk where sleep is her top tip to success.

In 2013 Huffington was quoted in saying, ‘multi-tasking is a “disease” and sleep deprivation is the root of all bad decisions.’

I love her pre-bed ritual:
My transition is a hot bath and absolutely no devices. All phones and computers are escorted out of my bedroom at least an hour before bed. And read books that have nothing to do with work.