This week has been a momentous one.

My eldest little lady started kindergarten.

I’ve transitioned from holiday mode to #businessplay.

And I’ve been to the shops twice (which isn’t that interesting, but I never go shopping any more, rarely enter a shopping centre as I buy food at the markets and groceries at a small grocer, so to have the time to go to the shops and enjoy browsing around was really lovely).

As I was out walking this morning, noticing the days get shorter and shorter as we head to autumn, I felt incredibly fortunate.

Sometimes when we are entrepreneurially minded day dreamers, and we’re having so much fun on the ride, we forget to stop and celebrate what we’ve created. This morning I stopped my forward moving mind and took stock of the fortunate life our little family has created, and continues to grow, both personally and professionally.

We’re taking a solid amount of money from the business which does create a certain kind of ease about things. We have flexible working hours which don’t invade our entire life. We make time to breathe in the air and move our derrières. We have a great (and growing) crew of talented people working with us. We have clever little ladies that we spend quality time with, and are just there for. We squeeze in little lunch dates together. And most of all, we support each other.

As I walked through the moist air on my return walk home, I felt like you couldn’t wipe the smile of my face. I’m so proud today. I’m proud we had vision. I’m proud we had a go. I’m proud we’re nailing what’s right for us, and what we want to do.

In Shirlaws language, this stage would be called payback. And that’s what it feels like. It feels like we’re making massive headway, and receiving pay back on our investments of time and money.