I love watching my own life journey unfold. It’s really quite entertaining, when I step out for a second and view it that way!!

Today, I’m mid way through one of my office days, and I’ve just got no space left to create. And that is hard, because that is what I’m meant to be doing at the moment.

But at least I haven’t stood still procrastinating about my frustrations for too long. And I’m off my time sucker – social media! And thank goodness I had a catchup call scheduled with a like minded soul who could push my reset button and get me firing again, in a way that I just couldn’t conjure up today. And that is the power of surrounding yourself with a village – they’re there when you need them.

You see, I can get amazing performance out of others, I can nurture my family and give to them endlessly, but when it comes to creating things for myself, some days its really difficult. And what it actually shows me, is that I haven’t actually been spending much time on me lately. And when I think about it, that’s exactly what has been happening. Lots of fun, lots of great new content coming my way, opportunities opening up everywhere, lots of socialising and parties, but almost no time on just me.

But at least I have that realisation now, and I can get on with it. For me, today, it is starting with a walk with the gum trees, soaking in some fresh air, on the way to a new work space for today, as I’m going for a change of scenery. I need to change today’s outcome, and that starts with clearing my mind to recharge the batteries, and push on ahead. After all… I’ve got to #GSD – get stuff done, because that is what I truly desire.

Struggle proceeds success, always… and I do feel like I’m on the verge at the moment, so I must keep going forward. #justtakeonestep – that is all it takes to move forward, and all we can ever done at once anyway.