I’ve discovered a new key to eating breakfast each morning…

It’s preparing it the night before.

This applies for two reasons… you have a plan, and you can often do some prep to actually make it happen.

This learning came about as a result of a big schedule change.

Hubby and I put in place a schedule to give us both time for ourselves, time for exercising, and for me to get real about what I can fit in. It was a really interesting exercise.

As part of this, hubby goes to the gym two days, meaning he preps breakfast the night before and we both have the same. It makes such a huge difference.

This especially has come into play even more with two kiddies, as while the first I could eat at the same time and have the same as her, now that number two is eating, I tend to spend my breakfast time feeding number two while number one is eating, so if i don’t have something easy on hand, I don’t eat for hours!

Today, I had an orange for breakfast, and then when I went looking for more food that was quick, I ended out eating my home made chocolate. Yummy, yes, but filling and energising, well not for long anyway!

This all also makes a difference, as I cook almost all meals from scratch. So preparation is everything.