I think I secretly love being a human guinea pig because it gives me permission to try something out and see if it works.

On Facebook recently, many friends and family have been doing three things they’re grateful for consistently over five days.

It’s been intriguing to see what people share.

And when I did mine, I found it to be a really uplifting thing to do and almost made me sleep better at night.

I’ve also been reading a book my Head Coach recommended to me, called Give and Take by Adam Grant.

So I’m trying a new way of implementing giving thanks into my every day by sending a card every day by mail.

I’m figuring a few things:

1. It brings external gratitude to my life every day which uplifts my spirit.

2. I know I’ll have brightened one persons day each day, because who doesn’t love to A) get mail B) get thanked for something they may or may not know they even did?

3. I’m giving the the universe, and the universe will no doubt give back (the book talks about this too!)