And some of these we simply aren’t reminded of often enough. And for others still, they’ve never experienced it.

Today I’ve been surrounded by people who really challenge my thinking in a progressive way, and help me push the box of what is possible.

The feelings that come with this through the day can be bemusement and puzzling at times, until the a-ha moment crystalises everything.

Some of today’s discussions were about why teams are suitable models, what a functioning team looks like, and how this plays into capacity and capacity modelling.

It is a long time since I’ve personally immersed myself in this kind of way and I was reminded of the value of this by the feeling I took away from the day – it was a feeling of elation, coupled with a drive to check in with my strategies, and continue forth.

I am sharing this with you, because if you haven’t had this feeling, get onto that…and feel the love for your business. And if you have had this feeling, how recently was it? And how often would you like to have it? Every day? Every month? And once you choose this, how do you design the infrastructure to make it happen?

I’ve written before about what small business doesn’t do so well that larger organisations do. Immersion of smart people in a room together is something corporates do really well. And something than be simulated (and taken full advantage of) by any sized business.

And when you feel amazing, have an appropriately amazing custom strategy, there is nothing left but amazing results to concur when you’re working with the right people around you. What’s your support team and mentor team or board of advisors look like and how do they fit into this? Have you had a think tank session on it, ever? Perhaps this is one to add to your list.