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The Grow Lab one day event

The Grow Lab one day event
7am to 4pm plus VIP dinner option

A full day experience of the sights, sounds, scents, and tastes of the ingredients of performance, complete with experiments. This day will show you the integrated facets of The Grow Project’s methodology, to allow you to understand

  1. the smarts to unlock the growth potential in you and your business
  2. the mindset tools to harness your potential (and crack through your glass ceilings)
  3. the fuel to grow your business (without killing your health along the journey)
  4. where and why your growth is slowing, stuck, stagnating (or may be about to stall).

To take full advantage of the day’s program, it’s a 7am ‘full fuel’ kick start (or 9am leisurely start). The bulk of the day finishes at 4pm, with an optional dinner for VIPs.

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The Grow Lab Experiment Series - The Jump

The Grow Lab Experiment Series – The Jump

Monthly, 2 hour, events where you can experiment with the concepts of The Grow Project in bite sized pieces, launching with the Jump Experiment.

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2031 - a new era. Launching April 2018

When new global insights land, it is so exciting to be able to bring them to you.

In association with The BoB Group, we are launching 2031 in Australia this April, in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

These are small events, on an invitation only basis. If you’re interested in finding out more, please shoot through an email to, and we will send you some information.

2031 – a new era