And that is only going to happen when you take massive action.

Also, get more books into you. Get onto audible or something similar, and download audio books. You can listen to ten minutes here or there, it’s a great use of your time in between things, and also allows you to take action in bite sized pieces when you press pause.

Continuing to learn is critical to expansion. You will only be able to stretch yourself and your business if you continue to provide stimulus.

Interestingly enough, learning is also a key principle of being happy. Now learning need not be about work things, you can gain expansion from mastering cooking or running a new course or anything that gives you exposure to a new perspective.

From a mothering point of view, when the intensity of learning with a new baby is so immense, it is incredibly stimulating and can easily put you in a state of flow where you’re absolutely rocking it. But when this initial phase passes, you can really feel the loss of the learning and stimulus this provides, and it can allow space for other lingering unanswered, often philosophical questions to creep in. And this can see you detaching very quickly from things – either throwing yourself into work (also typically around the 4-6 month age, where sleep depreciation is a both, societal shoulds start coming in, support weans off, you don’t treat yourself as nicely) or disengaging with observing and therefore listening and reading your baby’s language or simply hibernating in the mummy cave.

Consciously providing stimulus can really help knock this on the head, quickly. And if you provide stimulus with outdoor movement, you exponentially tap into a great strategy.

One of my favourite strategies is podcasts and a walk with the pram.