I still find it incredible that each time I write or create something, like a blog post, a chapter of a new book or a program, I find others coming and talking to me about that exact topic within days, sometimes within hours.

This week, it has definitely been about energy, and predominantly the lack of it.

Having had my own epiphany earlier this week that I was so exhausted from running around fighting fires (what I call solving problems which have exploded and shouldn’t have and need to be fixed right now and yesterday would be better) that I could barely keep my eyes open when I sat down, then realising after going to bed early and cruising happily and open eyed through nearly a hundred pages of a new book, then getting on my latest life hacking best friend (#lhbff) the foam roller, I realised that I needed fuel.

For me to gain fuel, I need two things – space and clarity. When I don’t have clarity, I try active meditation activities like yoga and or walking, and I endeavour to have this in my infrastructure to keep me on my game and peaking. The space is actually what provides me the clarity. In this case, the light globe started blinking when I was on the foam roller stretching. Other times it happens when I’m in the shower. The main thing for me is I’m just in a space with my own thoughts, I’m not doing another task which requires my mental energy.

Do you need space?

Most people don’t schedule it in… they don’t have it. They fill up every second of every day… Maybe some space will actually help you put some puzzle pieces together, or crystallise something you’ve been thinking about consciously or subconsciously.

I would love to hear how you go scheduling in some “blank space” and what you learn as a result.