Something had fallen out of alignment for me. I wasn’t sure quite what it was, but as I was endeavouring to scale in the shortest possible time, the pressure was mounting. I was increasing my hours, putting pressure on the foundations of my business and my lifestyle, and reducing the play element in my life. And it wasn’t a irregular one off – it was a six week plan.

My reason for being in business is rather simple – to create a legacy program which helps the smartest women across the globe understand how to grow businesses and babies at the same time.

I myself have two businesses and two babies, all of which are growing, fast. We’ve been investing in them for years, and they are baring the fruits of this investment.

But last night, when the pressure was just making me slow right down and disabling all my regular rockstar skills, it came down to one questions. At what cost? At what cost was I willing to grow my business training and coaching business in pursuit of the legacy I was creating? The answer was not at the expense of my family or my health. It might change the globe, by my globe would stop spinning pretty soon after I stopped putting my family and healthy first.

The intellectual stimulation, the relationships I develop, and the amazing outcomes I get to achieve with people provided to me in business are incredibly important to me. I grow exponentially when I have this stimulation, and I fade away and hibernate without it – I don’t contribute. But I don’t actually need that much of it, for now.

For me, I know better. And when people know better, I believe they do better. And if they don’t, it just hurts, and feels out of alignment.

So today I made some tough choices. Some choices to slow down my scaling. To finish some 70% complete projects and assets, and to pivot my campaign roll out for The Grow Lab.

And how do I know it was the right decision for me? My gut said so at the time. My answers to questions which were spiralling have resolutions. I slept really well. I feel energised today.

These weren’t easy decisions, but they are my choices, and I own them. And I’m happy with them.