Anikiko (aka Ani Neradilkova)

A force to be reckoned with, Anikiko, combines her skills as an artist and world-renowned kinesiologist with her voice to help people inspire, resonate and activate change.

With a background as a kinesiologist of over 16 years delivering over 7000 sessions Anikiko has spent half her life retraining brains, nervous systems and behaviours to help people be who they want to be, release trauma and get what they want from relationships and business.

Her unquenchable curiosity in how we can heal faster and use music to shift states and wellbeing brought her to engineering, composing and recording the Music Nutrition Sounds of Solace – a frequency based total healing sound system for the body, brain and spirit.

As an artist she is a genre bending queen who makes no apologies for her passion for eliciting emotion which is strong and gentle at once. Her presence, attitude and commitment is to writing and performance excellence to bring that “otherness” to events and shows which people keep coming back for.

Experience Anikiko’s sound for yourself at anikiko.com